Thursday, March 8, 2018

Trains in Tillamook in 1994

Port of Tillamook Bay GP9 #101 in Tillamook, Oregon, in March 1994

I took these pictures in Tillamook, Oregon, in March of 1994, near the Tillamook Air Museum. This locomotive is a GP9 originally built by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors in June, 1956, as Chesapeake & Ohio #6606. It survived the C&O's inclusion into Chessie System in 1973 before being sold in April, 1986, to the Huron & Eastern Railway and becoming their #101. The Huron & Eastern painted it in  the C&O-inspired paint scheme shown here and named it "County of Sanalac." It was sold to the Idaho, Northern & Pacific in 1993 and then to the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad in February 1994. It was still in its Huron & Eastern colors at this point, but would soon be painted like a black-and-white Holstein cow.

Oregon Coastline Express 80-Tonner #700 in Tillamook, Oregon, in March 1994

Pictured here is the Oregon Mini Express, featuring former Burlington Northern extended-vision cabooses converted to passenger cars and pulled by Oregon Coastline Express (OCEX) #700, a General Electric 80-Tonner originally built for the U.S. Army and sold to the Oregon Coastline Express in 1989. It was named "Lil' Toot Toot."

Oregon Coast Explorer RDC-1 #553 in Tillamook, Oregon, in March 1994

Oregon Coast Explorer #553 is a Budd RDC-1 self-propelled railcar built in June 1953 as Central Railroad of New Jersey #553. It was transferred to the New Jersey Department of Transportation in 1976 and to New Jersey Transit in 1983. It was renumbered to #5192 before being sold in 1986 and coming to Oregon, where it regained its original number.

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