Tuesday, April 17, 2018

DLMX Nickel Plate Road RSD-5 #324 at the Portland Union Station Centennial

DLMX Nickel Plat Road RSD-5 #324 at Union Station in Portland, Oregon, on May 11, 1996

Displayed at the 100th Anniversary of Union Station in Portland, Oregon, on May 11, 1996, this Alco RSD-5 was built in November 1955 as Utah Railway #306. It was retired in May, 1982. It was sold to Industrial Salvage & Metals of Salt Lake City in November 1983 and was traded to the Promontory Chapter of the NRHS in January 1984. Doyle McCormack purchased it in October 1993 and painted it as Nickel Plate Road #324, though it actually carries the DLMX reporting mark. Nickel Plate didn't actually have any RSD-5s, but they did have the similar 4-axle RS-3s. The number 324 was an unused number on the Nickel Plate roster, between the road's Baldwin AS-16s and Alco RSD-12s.

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