Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hong Kong Tramways Tram #12

I originally posted information about Antique Powerland on my website in a PLACES page on November 23, 2007 and last updated it on December 18, 2009. I am posting the railroad-related information here, with pictures and information from the 2010 Great Oregon Steam-Up. All of my information about Antique Powerland can be found at PlacesPages.

IMG_8119 Hong Kong Tramways Tram #12 at Antique Powerland in Brooks, Oregon on August 4, 2007
Double-Deck Tram #12 at Antique Powerland on August 4, 2007

Double-decker tram #12 was built by Hong Kong Tramways in 1952. It was retired on 1985 and shipped to Vancouver B.C. for Expo '86. Hong Kong Tramways built a new #12 in 1987. Bill Naito purchased the original #12 and moved it to Portland. It was Naito's original plan to use actual historic streetcars for the Portland Vintage Trolley line, however, modern replicas of Portland's historic Council Crest cars were built instead. The car remained in storage in Portland beyond Naito's 1996 death. It was donated to the OERHS and came to Powerland in December of 1999. It is a narrow-gauge car, and also lacks motors, making it unlikely to ever be more than a static display.

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