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San Francisco Municipal Railway Light Rail Vehicle #1213

I originally posted information about Antique Powerland on my website in a PLACES page on November 23, 2007 and last updated it on December 18, 2009. I am posting the railroad-related information here, with pictures and information from the 2010 Great Oregon Steam-Up. All of my information about Antique Powerland can be found at PlacesPages.

IMG_8097 San Francisco MUNI Boeing-Vertol Light Rail Vehicle #1213 at Antique Powerland in Brooks, Oregon on August 4, 2007
MUNI LRV #1213 at Antique Powerland on August 4, 2007

This modern Light Rail Vehicle was built in 1977 by Boeing-Vertol, which is, oddly, the helicopter division of Boeing. It was used as Boeing-Vertol demonstrator #1221 from 1977-1979. In 1979 it was sold to the San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) as their #1213. It is one of the only two LRVs to be equipped with trolley poles before being converted to a pantograph. These cars were used to replace PCC cars, and were equipped with platform steps that can be raised and lowered to match either the curbside platforms along the street or the high platforms in the subway. This car was donated to the OERHS in 2000. The last of this type of car were retired from service in San Francisco in 2001, replaced by new LRVs from Breda. This type of car was also used in Boston; the last were retired in 2007.

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#1213 in service in San Francisco in 1990 (

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