Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NRM Coach #2202

NRM Coach #2202 in Wishram, Washington, on June 7, 1997

Pictured in Wishram, Washington, in the consist of an excursion train with Southern Pacific Daylight GS-4 #4449, Lightweight Coach #2202 was originally built by Pullman-Standard in February-March 1937 as Southern Pacific #2401. It and its sister car, #2400, were built for the original Daylight between Los Angeles and San Francisco. These two cars featured revenue seating for 48 passengers and a 5-seat smoking lounge. In June 1939, coaches #2400 & #2401 were transferred to the Texas & New Orleans Sunbeam in exchange for two T&NO articulated coaches, due to the fact that the Daylight was operating at capacity but the Sunbeam was not. This would increase the capacity of the Daylight and decrease the capacity of the Sunbeam by 52 seats. SP #2400 & #2401 became T&NO #452 & #453. In April 1956, T&NO #452 & #453 were transferred back to Southern Pacific. By this time their original numbers had been filled by new cars, so they became Southern Pacific #2201 & #2202. 

NRM Coach #2202 in Wishram, Washington, on June 7, 1997

In April 1965, Southern Pacific’s Sacramento Shops converted #2202 to a high-density 122-seat commuter coach for service between San Francisco and San Jose. Southern Pacific planned to convert other coaches in this matter, but they were needed in general service, and #2202 was the only car converted. It was retired in 1971. This car was acquired by the Northwest Rail Museum and was used on various excursions in the Portland area.

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