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Amtrak Amfleet I Roster

I originally posted this information on my old website on March 26, 2009. I have since updated it.

Amtrak's first new passenger cars were the Amfleet I series of coaches and food service cars built by the Budd Corporation and delivered from 1975 to 1977. Originally the coaches were called Amcoaches and the food service cars were called Amcafes, Amdinettes and Amclubs. Those names were eventually dropped. Most of these cars are still in service today, though they have been renumbered and rebuilt many times, making an accurate all-time roster difficult to determine. (There was also a later group of Amfleet II coaches and lounge cars, but I am not including them here.)

According to a 1977 Amtrak Amfleet Announcement, there were originally 492 Amfleet I cars: 406 Amcoaches and 86 Amcafes. The 1977 announcement didn't give the actual numbers of the cars. According to the Amtrak Car and Locomotive Spotter, Revised Fourth Edition, the original Amfleet I roster was as follows:

Numbers Qty Configuration
20000-20053 54 Amcafé (55 Coach Seats+Mid-Car Bar)
20110-20146 37 Amclub (18 Club Seats+28 Coach Seats)
20200-20233 34 Amdinette (32-Seat Dinette+23 Coach Seats)
20675-20677 3 Amclub (33 Club Seats)
20750-20752 3 Amdinette (32-Seat Dinette+20 Coach Seats)
21000-21270 271 84-Seat Amcoach
21800-21889 90 60-Seat Amcoach

This roster does give a total of 492 cars, however it doesn't match the breakdown of 406 Amcoaches and 86 Amcafes as stated in the 1977 announcement. But, if the Amclub cars are counted as coaches, it would come close, with 401 coaches & club cars, and 91 cafe and dinette cars. However, five of the partial Amclub cars were reconfigured to full Amclub cars not long after delivery. This doesn't actually change the totals, but if the five full Amclub cars had instead been reconfigured from Amcafe or Amdinette cars, and all the Amclub cars were counted as coaches, the breakdown would have matched the one listed in the 1977 announcement. Perhaps Amtrak's plans changed slightly between the announcement and the changes.

Over the years, Amfleet I cars were rebuilt and renumbered for various reasons. Cars that were equipped for Push/Pull service (with a locomotive on one end of the train and a cab car at the other, allowing the train to run in either direction without being turned) were numbered into various series in the 40000s and a rebuilding program in the early 2000s saw many of the cars renumbered into the 80000s. Other renumberings occurred when cars were made ADA accessible, assigned to Metroliner service, and/or configured as Business Class cars. The following roster lists all the number series that Amfleet I cars carried. Not all of the numbers in some of these series were used. The numbers that were the original numbers are in bold.

Numbers Push/Pulls #s Configuration
20000-series 43000-series Café
20100-series 48100-series Club (Partial)
20150-series 48150-series Club-Dinette
20200-series 48200-series Dinette
20250-series 48250-series Dinette (Business Class)
20670-series Club (Full)
20675-series Club (Partial) (Long-Distance)
20750-series Dinette (Long-Distance)
20900-series 48900-series Metroliner Dinette
48950-series Metroliner Club (Full) (Temporary)
20970-series 48970-series Metroliner Club (Full)
23000-series Dinette-Lounge
28300-series 43300-series Lounge/Grill
28305-series 43305-series Café/Lounge
28340-series 43340-series Full Dinette
28390-series Twilight Lounge
85000-series 85500-series Café
21000-series 44000-series 84-Seat Coach
21600-series 44600-series ADA Coach
21700-series 44700-series ADA Coach (Business Class)
21800-series 44800-series 60-Seat Coach (Long-Distance)
21900-series 44900-series Metroliner Coach
22900-series Coach-Sleeper (Long-Distance)
81000-series 81500-series Regional Coach (Business Class)
82000-series 82500-series Regional Coach

I don't have enough information to construct a complete Amfleet I roster, but based mostly on data from On Track On Line, I have made up the following rosters of Amfleet I cars. They are not complete, but I am putting them online in the hope that someone will be able to use them. The numbers that are original are in bold, and all the other cars would have had to be renumbered from them. In many cases, renumberings were done so that a car's last two or three digits would stay the same, especially the renumberings for Push/Pull and ADA. Numbers in black are numbers that were actually used, based on information from On Track On Line or pictures from various sites. Numbers in grey may or may not have been used.

Click on the following link to go to the roster:

Amtrak Amfleet I Roster

With the release of Amtrak By The Numbers by David C. Warner, all of this effort became unnecessary, as this book has a complete Amtrak roster.

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