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T-Scale or T-Gauge is the smallest commercially-available model train scale in the world. The “T” in “T Scale” stands for “Three Millimeters,” which is the track gauge, or distance between the rails. This translates to a scale of 1:450.

T-Scale trains are make by K. K. Eishindo of Japan. Eishindo introduced T-Scale in 2006. It first went on sale in Japan in 2007.

The following pictures show a T-Scale train car on my HO-Scale layout, illustrating the small size of the models.

IMG_4618 T-Scale Train on HO-Scale Truck

IMG_4619 T-Scale Train on HO-Scale Flatcar

IMG_4620 T-Scale Train on HO-Scale Covered Hopper

IMG_4621 T-Scale Train on HO-Scale Track

IMG_4622 T-Scale Train on HO-Scale Track

IMG_4623 T-Scale Train with HO-Scale Train

IMG_4624 T-Scale Train with HO-Scale Train

IMG_4625 T-Scale Train with HO-Scale Train

IMG_4626 T-Scale Train on HO-Scale GP35

IMG_4627 T-Scale Train on HO-Scale Caboose

IMG_4628 T-Scale Train with HO-Scale Figure

IMG_4629 T-Scale Train with HO-Scale Figure

The train is a model of a Japanese Series 103 Electric Multiple Unit set. There are a total of four cars in the set. This particular train is decorated for the East Japan Railway Company’s Chuo Line, which runs from Tokyo to Shiojiri, a distance of 222 kilometers (138 miles).

The train runs on 4.5V DC and can be powered by 3 AA batteries or via a wall adapter. The middle two cars are motorized, while the end cars feature directional lighting circuits: the leading car displays a white headlight while the trailing car displays red marker lights.

Here is a video of the train running, set up on a TV tray.


T-Scale Model Train

Here is a table that compares T Scale to some other model train scales.


Name Track Gauge Ratio Scale
T Scale 3mm 1:450
ZZ Scale 4.8mm 1:300
Z Scale 6.5mm 1:220
N Scale 9mm 1:160
TT Scale 12mm 1:120 1/10”=1’
HO Scale 16.5mm 1:87.1 3.5mm=1’
OO Scale 16.5mm 1:76.2 4mm=1’
S Scale “American Flyer” 22.42mm .882” 1:64 3/16”=1’
O Scale “Lionel” 32mm 1-1/4” 1:48 1/4”=1’
#1 Gauge 45mm 1-3/4” 1:32 3/8”=1’
“Aristo-Craft” “USA Trains” 45mm 1:29 10.5mm=1’
H Scale (3’-6” narrow gauge) 45mm 1:24 ½”=1’
G Scale, “LGB” (meter gauge) 45mm 1:22.5 17/32”=1’
Fn3 Scale (3’ narrow gauge) 45mm 1:20.3 15mm=1’
SE Scale (2’ narrow gauge) 45mm 1:13.7 7/8”=1’
#2 Gauge 50.8mm 2” 1:27.4 7/16=1’
#3 Gauge 63.5mm 2.5” 1:22.5 17/32”=1’
#4 Gauge 88.9mm 3.5” 1:16 3/4”=1’
#5 Gauge 127mm 5” 1:11.3 11mm=1’
#6 Gauge 184mm 7.25” 1:8 1.5”=1’

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