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HO Scale Passenger Car Prototypes

I originally posted this information on my old website on March 26, 2009 and last updated it on March 17, 2010. I have since updated it.

I compiled a list of the the prototypes for HO-Scale passenger cars because while most guides like this will tell what models are correct for a particular railroad, and they leave out cars like the Athearn and Con-Cor 72-footers, because they are too short, I wanted to create a list from the opposite perspective, that gives the road names that are correct for a particular model, and I wanted to include the 72-foot cars because some of them are relatively nice despite their shorter length and could be useful to model railroaders with small layouts with sharp curves. I have only included ready-to-run cars and easy-to-build decorated kits. More difficult kits and models that aren't available decorated, as well as brass models, are not included, because these models usually already identify their correct prototypes. I have also included only steel heavyweight and streamlined cars. I used a large number of resources to compile this list, including the websites of the manufacturers listed, plus manufacturers of brass cars and car sides to find similar cars, pages of photos and rosters of prototype cars. Some of my major sources of information include The Pullman Project,, Prototypes for N Scale Passenger Cars by Fred Klein (as many of them are also made in HO), Prototype Review: Walthers Budd Passenger Cars from and Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society HO Scale Model Reviews. Other sources of information included the book The Union Pacific Streamliners by Harold E. Ranks and William W. Kratville and Union Pacific Modeler, Volume 3 by Metcalfe Publications. In the case of similar cars, some may not be listed. Some number series may have gaps that I have not show to save space.

Click on the following link to see the list.

HO Passenger Car Prototypes

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