Monday, July 27, 2015

DLMX #1210 Plum Creek at Holiday Express 2008

I originally posted this on my old website on March 26, 2009.

…Continued from PNWC #600 Mount Hood.

IMG_4704 DLMX Coach #1210 Plum Creek in Portland, Oregon on December 6, 2008
DLMX Coach #1210 Plum Creek on December 6, 2008

Great Northern #1210 was built in 1951 by American Car & Foundry as a 60-seat short-distance coach for the Empire Builder. In 1977, Burlington Northern removed the coach seats and converted the car into a mobile classroom. The original overhead storage racks and light fixtures remain. In 1981, Burlington Northern sold the car to Minnesota interests who gave it the name Plum Creek. The Friends of SP #4449 purchased it in 2000.

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