Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Iron Goat Trail: Milepost 1718

Iron Goat Trail Milepost 1718 in 2000
Milepost 1718 in 2000.

259160505 Iron Goat Trail Milepost 1718 in 2002
Milepost 1718 in 2002. Photo by Cliff West.

At milepost 1717.94, near Corea, the trail-builders installed a crossover to the upper grade, however this crossover is a recent addition and has no historical significance.

View from the Iron Goat Trail near Milepost 1718 in 2000
View from near milepost 1717.91 in 2000.

This is a picture taken near milepost 1717.91 near Corea of the active main line across the Tye River valley.

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