Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Stevens Pass Today

Continued from Discovery and Naming of Stevens Pass.

Map of Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass is easily accessed today, thanks to the presence of U. S. Highway #2. The map above shows the relation of the major locations associated with Stevens Pass.  Leavenworth is the largest city in close proximity to the pass, about 36 highway miles east of the summit. This tour will start on the west side of the pass.

Railroad Bridge over Highway 2
Skykomish, Washington
Skykomish Depot
Skykomish Hotel
Maloney Building, Skykomish
Great Northern Caboose X228
Trains In & Around Skykomish
Scenic, Washington
Iron Goat Trail
Milepost 1720
Twin Tunnels
Rock Cut
Milepost 1718
Martin Creek
Tunnel #14
Windy Point
Milepost 1713
Milepost 1712
Concrete Snowshed
Switchbacks and the First Cascade Tunnel
Cascade Station
Bygone Byways Interpretive Trail
Berne, Washington
Tumwater Dam

Continue to Railroad Bridge over Highway 2

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