Friday, February 28, 2014

Burlington Northern BN-1/BN-2

Burlington Northern F9-2 BN-1 at the Illinois Railway Museum on May 23, 2004

Burlington Northern locomotives BN-1 and BN-2 (not visible behind BN-1) were the locomotives assigned to Burlington Northern’s Executive Service in the 1990’s. BN-1 and BN-2 were originally Northern Pacific F-9A #6700A and F-9B #7002C, built by EMD in February 1954 and August 1954 respectively.  They became Burlington Northern #9800 and #809 after the merger of March 2, 1970. After the creation of Amtrak, #9800, originally a passenger unit, was assigned to freight service and renumbered #766. In the 1980s, the locomotives became rotary snow plow power supply units #972567 and #972574. In September 1990 they were rebuilt by Burlington Northern’s West Burlington Shops in Burlington, Iowa into F9-2s BN-1 and BN-2. The rebuild included replacing the original 1500 horsepower engine with a new 2000 horsepower 16 cylinder engine. They were retired after the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe merger of 1996 and were donated to the Illinois Railway Museum.

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