Friday, February 28, 2014

Milwaukee Road H10-44 #760

Milwaukee Road H10-44 #760 at the Illinois Railway Museum on May 23, 2004

Milwaukee Road #760 is an H10-44 built by Fairbanks-Morse in August 1944 as Milwaukee Road #1802. It is powered by a six-cylinder opposed-piston engine producing 1200 horsepower. Fairbanks-Morse is an engine manufacturer based in Beloit, Wisconsin. The company has existed since the 1870s and still exists today. F-M is known for creating the first commercially successful gasoline engine in 1893. Their main focus today is on engines for power plants and navy vessels. In 1939, F-M started development of railroad applications for their opposed-piston diesel engine. Locomotive #760 was the first Fairbanks-Morse locomotive from their Beloit plant. Fairbanks-Morse produced locomotives in the U.S. until 1958, and stopped all locomotive production in 1963, choosing instead to focus on other areas. Locomotive #760 was retired in May 1980 and was donated to the Illinois Railway Museum on December 23, 1981.

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