Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ives #1679 Boxcar


Ives was founded by Harry Ives in 1868 and produced clockwork floor trains among other items. Following a fire in 1900, Ives introduced a new line of cast iron and tinplate trains in both O-Gauge and the larger 1-Gauge.  Ives became the market leader in the United States in 1910 after introducing electric O-Gauge trains, and it maintained its position until surpassed by Lionel in 1924. Ives declared bankruptcy in 1928. Lionel and American Flyer jointly acquired Ives, and Lionel bought American Flyer's share in 1930. Ives trains were produced until 1931.

Ives #1679 Boxcar

This #1679 boxcar, dating from the 1920s if not earlier, is the only Ives piece Don Gorsuch had.

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