Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prewar American Flyer


Originally founded by William O. Coleman and William Hafner (who later left to reform his own company in 1914) as the Edmonds-Metzel Manufacturing Company in 1907 as a manufacturer of clockwork O-gauge trains, the company became known as American Flyer when electric trains were introduced in 1919. American Flyer was sold to A. C. Gilbert, manufacturer of Erector sets, in 1938. After World War Two, American Flyer focused on slightly smaller S-gauge trains, which featured more realistic trains and two rail track. In the 1950’s, American Flyer was second in sales to Lionel, but as demand dropped in the 1960’s, the company could not survive and production ended in 1966.  After the company declared bankruptcy in 1967, Lionel purchased the rights the American Flyer.  Limited American Flyer production resumed in 1979 and continues to some degree today.

American Flyer Prewar Passenger Cars

These O27 gauge American Flyer cars date from at least the late 1930s, if not before. After WWII, American Flyer continued to produce trains, but only in the slightly smaller S gauge.

American Flyer Prewar Freight Cars

Like the passenger cars, these American Flyer freight cars also date from before WWII.

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