Friday, February 28, 2014

Toledo-Detroit 4-4-0 #16

Toledo-Detroit 4-4-0 #16 at the Illinois Railway Museum on May 23, 2004

Toledo-Detroit #16 is a 4-4-0 American type locomotive built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in August 1914. It was originally built for the Midland Pennsylvania Railroad as their #1, and was named T. E. Herrick. It was sold to the Toledo-Detroit Railroad in December 1915. In May 1916, the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad leased the Toledo-Detroit, and the locomotive became the DT&I’s #16. Henry Ford purchased the DT&I, and owned it until 1929, when he sold it to the Penn Road Corporation, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 1930, locomotive #16 was retired and donated to the Edison Institute of Dearborn, Michigan. It would later appear on display in the Henry Ford Museum. The original Toledo-Detroit Railroad trackage was abandoned in the 1960s. The DT&I was sold off as an independent railroad in 1970, and was acquired by the Grand Trunk Western in 1980, and fully merged into the GTW in 1984. In September 1983, the Illinois Railway Museum traded another locomotive to the Henry Ford Museum in exchange for Toledo-Detroit #16.

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