Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Donald Gorsuch Collection 1

In 2003, the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Society of Model Engineers model railroad club was offered the model train collection Donald H. Gorsuch, who had recently passed away.

Donald H. Gorsuch was an alumnus of MSOE, having graduated in 1959. He was born March 30, 1939 and passed away January 17, 2003 at the age of 63. He was a longtime employee of the Milwaukee Department of Public Works. He was also an avid model builder, and particularly enjoyed model trains.

Don left in his will a donation to MSOE, and also a provision that his model railroad collection be donated to a charitable organization. Through the executor of Don’s estate and the MSOE Alumni Affairs office, the Society of Model Engineers was offered and graciously accepted Don’s collection.

I was a among the club members that went to his home to get the collection. I thought it would be a good idea to take some pictures of the collection as we packed it up. Most of the collection was O-gauge tinplate of various manufacturers, primarily Marx. The following are some of the pictures I took of the collection. I think they are in approximately the order they were taken. All the pictures in this post show Marx trains.

Marx M-10005 Streamliner

Marx M-10005 Streamliner

Marx 7-in Wabash Gondola

Marx #80982 7-inch Wabash Gondola

Marx #4489 BAR 6-in Boxcar & #59 6-in UP Stock Car & NYC Wa

Marx #4489 6-inch Bangor & Aroostook Boxcar
Marx #59 6-inch Union Pacific Stock Car
Marx 6-inch New York Central Wagontop Tender

Marx #555 6-in C&S Refrigerator Car & #556 6-in NYC Caboose

Marx #555 6-inch Colorado & Southern Refrigerator Car
Marx #556 6-inch New York Central Caboose
Marx #552 6-inch Rock Island Gondola in Green

Marx #554 6-in NP Hopper Car & #384299 6-in  B&O Boxcar & W

Marx #554 6-inch Northern Pacific Hopper Car
Marx #384299 6-inch Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar
Marx #551 6-inch NYC Lithographed Wagontop Tender

Marx 7-in Baggage Car  & Plastic Tender & #552 6-in Gondola

Marx #1 7-inch St. Paul & Pacific Baggage Car 
Marx 6-inch Plastic New York Central Tender
#552 6-in Rock Island Gondola in Red

Marx 6-in Wrecker & #553 6-in Tank Car & Slope Back Tender

Marx 6-inch New York Central Wrecker
Marx #553 6-inch Santa Fe Tank Car with Black Frame
Marx 6-inch Plastic New York Central Slope Back Tender

Marx Floor Train

Marx Floor Train

Marx #567 6-in Side Dump Car & #81 Diesel & #553 6-in Tank Car

Marx #567 6-inch New York Central Side Dump Car
Marx #81 Monon Diesel
Marx #553 6-inch Santa Fe Tank Car with Silver Frame

Marx #6000 Diesel & #553  6-in Tank Car

Marx #6000 Southern Pacific Diesel
Marx #553 6-inch Santa Fe Tank Car with Red Frame

Continued in Donald Gorsuch Collection 2

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