Friday, February 28, 2014

Illinois Central 2-4-4T #201

Illinois Central 2-4-4T #201 at the Illinois Railway Museum on May 23, 2004

Illinois Central #201 is a 2-4-4T built by the Rogers Locomotive Works in May 1880 for use on the Illinois Central’s commuter service between downtown Chicago and the south suburbs. Originally built as Illinois Central #216, this locomotive was renumbered to #213 in 1894 and again to #201 in 1890. In 1900, the locomotive was renumbered to #1401. The Illinois Central’s commuter lines were electrified in the 1920s, and in 1928 the locomotive was renumbered back to #201. This locomotive was displayed at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. In 1965, the locomotive was sold to Pete Vonachen’s Vonachens Junction, a railroad-themed restaurant in Peoria, IL. In July 1975, Pete Vonachen sold the locomotive to Reuben Kaplan of Owatonna, MN and the locomotive was eventually restored by the Owatonna Tool Company.  In December 2002, the fully restored locomotive was donated to the Illinois Railroad Museum. The commuter lines are still electrified and still carry commuters, though the service is now operated by Chicago’s Metra.

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