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Gorsuch Collection Display

Donald Gorsuch Collection of Vintage Model TrainsSome of the Donald H. Gorsuch Collection of Vintage Model Trains was displayed in the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Walter Schroeder Library from September 26, 2003 until February 27, 2004.

As a work-study student in the library, I created a webpage for the display for the library’s website. The photos were taken by fellow work-study student Eric Evenson, who had access to a digital camera. The webpage for the display remained on the library’s website for some time after the exhibit had been removed, but eventually the page was removed as well when the library’s website was rebuilt. Though it was never originally on my own website, I thought I would put it up here since it is no longer available anywhere else.

Here are some photos of the overall exhibit. Only two of these were used on the original page. 

Donald Gorsuch Collection of Vintage Model Trains

Donald Gorsuch Collection of Vintage Model Trains

Donald Gorsuch Collection of Vintage Model Trains

Donald Gorsuch Collection of Vintage Model Trains

Donald Gorsuch Collection of Vintage Model Trains

Donald Gorsuch Collection of Vintage Model Trains

Donald H. Gorsuch was an alumnus of MSOE, having graduated in 1959. He was born March 30, 1939 and passed away January 17, 2003 at the age of 63. He was a longtime employee of the Milwaukee Department of Public Works. He was also an avid model builder, and particularly enjoyed model trains.

Don left in his will a donation to MSOE, and also a provision that his model railroad collection be donated to a charitable organization. Through the executor of Don’s estate and the MSOE Alumni Affairs office, the Society of Model Engineers was offered and graciously accepted Don’s collection, and we are proud to put some of our favorite items here on display.

Don had owned some of these trains since he was a child.  Click here to see some pictures of some of these trains in the 1940s: Don Gorsuch Trains in the ‘40s

The Trains

Trains by Marx
History of Marx

Marx Floor Train
Marx Commodore Vanderbilt
Marx M-10005 Streamliner
Marx #3000 Canadian Pacific Locomotive & Tender
Marx #591 Locomotive
Marx #898 Locomotive
Marx #999 Locomotive
Marx #994 Locomotive
Marx Southern Pacific #6000 Diesel Locomotive
Marx Monon #81F Diesel Locomotive
Marx #500 Army Supply Train Locomotive
Marx 7" St. Paul & Pacific Baggage Car
Marx 6" Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar
Marx 6" Bangor & Aroostook Boxcar
Marx 6" Wrecker & Side Dump Car
Marx 3/16" Santa Fe E7 Diesels
Marx #400 Locomotive
Marx Lehigh Valley #112 Diesel Locomotive

Trains by Lionel
History of Lionel

Lionel #258 Locomotive
Lionel Prewar Freight Cars
Lionel #1688 Locomotive
Lionel Scout Locomotive
Lionel #8803 Locomotive

Trains by American Flyer
Prewar American Flyer

Trains by Hafner
Hafner Trains

Trains by Unique
Unique Lines Trains

Trains by Hornby
Hornby Trains

Trains by Ives
Ives #1679 Boxcar

HO-Scale Trains
The Dewitt-Clinton
The General
"Galloping Goose"
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha

HO & G-Scale Trains
Stephenson's Rocket
Civil War Cannon Cars

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