Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fictional Railroad Paint Schemes

I originally posted these on my old website on June 22, 2008.

linklogoThese graphics are entirely fictional paint schemes; none of these railroads even actually exist, let alone have any of this equipment. All of these are based on drawings from the Railroad Paint Shop.


The Clear River Railroad is a small railroad I made up that would use only small diesel locomotives. This 70-tonner would actually be a large locomotive for it.


The Montana Southern was another railroad I made up, based on the idea of the Union Pacific spinning off it's line north from Pocatello, Idaho into Montana, connecting with the Montana Rail Link.

OCP vo1000

The Oregon Central & Pacific is a freelanced railroad my dad created. He was considering this as a paint scheme for Baldwin switchers, so I showed him what it would look like. He ended up going simpler, without the orange stripe.

OCP sw1200

Though I didn't letter it, I also created an EMD SW1200 in the proposed OCP scheme.

OCP Dash9

And just for fun, I created this Dash 9 in the OCP dark green that the more modern equipment carries, though the OCP doesn't have anything nearly a modern as a Dash 9.


Also just for fun, I created this version of a GS4 locomotive in my fraternity colors.

Sprecher pdbox

Sprecher is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin brewer and soft drink producer that often provided root beer and other sodas for events at my alma mater, the Milwaukee School of Engineering, so I thought up some Sprecher rail equipment like this plug-door boxcar.

Sprecher pfer40-2

Another idea for a Sprecher car was this refrigerator car.


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