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Overland Western Lines Paint Schemes

I originally posted these on my old website on June 22, 2008.

(NOTE: This website is NOT affiliated with the club)

linklogoThese graphics are all paint schemes for the Overland Western Lines, the freelanced road of the Milwaukee School of Engineering's Society of Model Engineers and the alumni club. Some are things the club had, others are entirely my own creations and were not modeled or accepted by the club. All of these are based on drawings from the Railroad Paint Shop.

Steam Locomotives

owl 2-10-4

The Overland Western Lines has no steam locomotives, but that didn't stop me from creating some concepts, such as this 2-10-4.

OWL daylight

Here is an Overland Western Lines GS4 4-8-4.

owl j

Here is an Overland Western Lines Class J 4-8-4.

Diesel Locomotives

OWL sd45 early

This SD45 displays one of the earliest Overland Western Lines paint schemes.

OWL f7

This F7A displays another early Overland Western Lines paint scheme.

OWL cfa-16-4

When the club was donated an old C-Liner model, this is one of the possible "vintage" paint schemes I came up with.

OWL km-hydraulic

Another donation included a Krauss-Maffei diesel hydraulic model. With all the portholes, the newest current scheme wouldn't have worked well on it, so I experimented with this scheme.

OWL sd40-2

An SD40-2 with this paint scheme was part of the club's collection.


An FP45 with this paint scheme was part of the club's roster.

OWL gp38

A GP38-2 with this paint scheme was also part of the roster.

OWL f7a

A set of F-units and passenger cars were painted in this scheme as the club's 35th Anniversary Special. They weren't lettered, so I made that part up.

OWL gp7dyn

Working on the idea that the 35th Anniversary Special wore a "heritage" paint scheme, I decided to see what a GP7 would've looked like in it.

OWL cfa-16-4 Nick Seidler

Another possibility for the C-Liner was this variation on the 35th Anniversary Special paint scheme.


The newest official scheme is this gray and red scheme, ideally with the OWL herald on the nose. One of the first locomotives in the club's collection to wear this paint scheme was an SD45 like this one.

OWL gp38-2

Here is the same scheme as applied to a GP38-2.

OWL gp7dyn LATE

The club had a GP7 in its collection that could use a new paint job. This was the concept.

OWL sd24

A club member had an SD24 that he decided to paint for OWL, with this look as the plan.

OWL sw1500

The club also had an SW1500, though it's lower hood didn't quite fit the standard scheme. This narrower red stripe scheme was a likely possibility.

OWL FP45-2a

The club had another FP45 that was unpainted, and ended up being painted in the standard Overland Western Lines scheme, like this.

OWL FP45-2

I had a more flashy concept, but it was rejected.


Here's a DDA40X in the Overland Western Lines scheme. Its a pretty standard effort, though I gave it red sandboxes with the OWL herald.

sd40-2f var1

It would never actually be made, but after doing the FP45, the idea of a Canadian SD40-2F cowl-body intrigued me. This was one of my two ideas.

sd40-2f var2

This was my other idea for the Overland Western Lines SF40-2F, which required a narrower stripe to fit the lettering under the grills.

OWL c36-7

I wanted to see what a GE unit would look like in the Overland Western Lines scheme, so I made up this C36-7 concept.

OWL cw44-9

Here is a modern Dash 9-44CW in the Overland Western Lines scheme.


This is my concept for an F-unit in the newest Overland Western Lines scheme.


My idea for a BL2 in the newest Overland Western Lines scheme isn't quite standard, but it fits the BL2's unique carbody.

OWL gp7dyn 1776-1

This is my first of three concepts for an Overland Western Lines bicentennial scheme, based on the newest paint scheme.

OWL gp7dyn 1776-2

This is my second concept for an Overland Western Lines bicentennial unit.

OWL gp7dyn 1776-3

This is my third concept for an Overland Western Lines bicentennial unit.

Freight Cars


This is what I thought an Overland Western Lines 40-foot boxcar would look like.

OWL autobox

This is my idea of a late 50's 50-foot boxcar.

OWL evans_box

This is a more modern boxcar.

OWL 70tnhopr

This is my concept for an open hopper.

OWL miniquad_ore

This is a concept for group of four ore cars.

OWL Stack

The club acquired a large number of undecorated well cars. This is what I thought they would look like when completed.

OWL gatx_airslide2

Here is an Airslide, showing what I thought a covered hopper scheme would look like.


OWL cabatsf

At one time the club had a caboose that looked something like this.

OWL BLUEcaboose1

A caboose with this paint scheme, matching the SD40-2 picture higher on the page, was part of the club's roster.

OWL REDcaboose1

This was the newest standard caboose paint scheme.

Passenger Cars

OWL coach

This was the basic paint scheme for the passenger cars that made up the 35th Anniversary Special.

OWL coach2

I created this concept of what passenger cars would look like if painted to match the new standard paint scheme.

Maintenance of Way Equipment

OWL 250 ton crane

There was a 250-ton crane like this one on the club layout, so I considered what it might look like as Overland Western Lines equipment.

OWL russell_plow

Though the club didn't have one, a Russell plow was a future possibility.

OWL tank

This tank car isn't the most exciting idea, but here it is anyway.


OWL depot

Here is a depot in the Overland Western Lines standard structure paint scheme.

OWL-WC Merger


The Society of Model Engineers' layout was based on a real rail line through Waukesha, Wisconsin that was operated in real life by the Wisconsin Central. I theorized that the OWL and WC had merged, an idea I liked more after the Canadian National absorbed the WC in real life. One of my first OWL concepts was a merger scheme, with the WC paint scheme and OWL lettering, as shown on this SD45. The idea never really caught on though.


This merger scheme could also apply to freight cars, such as this modern boxcar with the heralds of both roads applied.

WC-OWL caboose2

Of course, WC style cabooses would've also worn the merger scheme.


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