Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Geer Landing on My Layout

I originally posted these pictures on my old website on February 9, 2008.

I took these pictures of my HO-scale model railroad on July 14, 2007. These pictures show some changes to the scenery at an area I named Geer Landing.

These first pictures show the area around the dock before I changed it.


There was originally no way to access the dock, which made it seem odd for the dock to even be there.


And with no access, there was also no way for the sunbathers to get to the dock.


I think I originally assumed the sunbathers hiked to the dock, but I came up with a better idea.


Here is a view down the tracks of the scene before the changes.

The following pictures show the area after my changes. I named the location Geer Landing, imagining it as a former marina. Here is a brief fictional history of Geer Landing:

Geer Landing was once a major point on the San Miguel River, as it was the furthest point up the river that boats could navigate. Just beyond Geer Landing is the falls at San Miguel. After the railroad was built, it fell out of use. Geer Landing was rebuilt after World War II as a marina, but has since closed, and was taken over by locals as a summer swimming spot.


I added an abandoned road across the tracks and a small abandoned platform next to the tracks.


I also added a barricade across the road and some signs giving the location its name.


Here is a view down the tracks of the new scene.


The Volkswagen van provides transportation for the sunbathers on the dock.


The scene is still far from complete, but these changes gave the area more of a point, and giving this spot an identity made the layout seem a little bit bigger.

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