Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Southern Pacific RS11 #5730 by Atlas

I never posted pictures of these commissioned models on my old website, but I am including them now for completion.

IMG_9468 Atlas RS11 Southern Pacific #5730 Before
Southern Pacific RS11 #5730, Before

This HO-Scale Southern Pacific RS11, #5730, is an Atlas model that I was commissioned to work on in November 2007. This is a factory-painted model that had been renumbered. The renumbering had been a little sloppy around the numberboards, and some of the white paint had flaked off of the handrails. There is also damage to the front pilot, but this was not readily repairable.

IMG_9497 Atlas RS11 Southern Pacific #5730 After
Southern Pacific RS11 #5730, After

I touched up the silver paint around the numberboards and the white paint on the handrails. The damage to the pilot remains, but is not readily apparent due to the uniform black paint in the area.

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