Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4449-844 Doubleheader: Business Car #102 “St. Louis”

IMG_6337 Union Pacific Business Car #102 St. Louis at Peninsula Jct on May 12, 2007

Business Car #102, St. Louis, was built by Pullman-Standard in October 1950 as Coach #5448. In March 1952, Union Pacific rebuilt the car into its current form as a Business Car and numbered it #100. At the same time, Coach #5449 was similarly rebuilt into the Business Car Arden at the same time and was assigned to Union Pacific's President, E. R. Harriman. Coaches #5446 & #5447 were rebuilt into similar Business Cars in 1956 and are in service today as Kenefick and Pocatello respectively. All four of these business cars are very similar in appearance. Business Car #100 was renumbered to #101 in April 1957, and was renumbered again to #102 in April 1971. The car was named St. Louis in 1989 after St. Louis, Missouri, former headquarters of the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

This car is Union Pacific's second business car to wear the name St. Louis. The first was built by Pullman in 1926 as Missouri Pacific's Business Car #12, was rebuilt in 1957 to Business Car #1, Eagle, and came to the Union Pacific with the acquisition of the Missouri Pacific in 1983. It was renamed St. Louis in 1985 but lost the name in 1986 in favor of the number 107. The car was sold in 1996.

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