Friday, May 2, 2014

Farewell is not Forever - Pt. 23: Milwaukee Road Baggage-Dorm

IMG_2191 Milwaukee Road Baggage-Dormitory Car

The second of the cars is a former Milwaukee Road baggage-dormitory car. In addition to having baggage space, it also provided sleeping quarters for passenger train crews.

IMG_2189 Milwaukee Road Baggage-Dormitory Car

This car was one of six such cars built in 1947 for the Olympian Hiawatha between Chicago and Seattle, and numbered 1309 to 1314. This car is not #1312, but could be one of the others. Some only had a single window in the baggage door. This one has two, which matches #1313, so it may be that car.

IMG_2195 Milwaukee Road Baggage-Dormitory Car

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