Friday, May 2, 2014

Farewell is not Forever - Pt. 26: Conclusion

IMG_2180 SP&S #700

Here is #700 at the end of the run, ready to go back the other way.

IMG_2179 GN #1210 Plum Creek

Plum Creek basking in the sun.

IMG_2182 SP&S #700

#700 on her way back to Oaks Park, bell ringing and whistle blasting. The marker lights are properly lit with white lenses showing, as this train is an Extra: an unscheduled train, as pretty much all trains are these days.

IMG_2183 SP&S #700

#700 passes the Springwater Corridor sign at the trailhead.

IMG_2184 SamTrak Caboose #900

The train and I bid farewell, as it heads back to Oaks Park.

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