Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4449-844 Doubleheader: May 12, 2007 Peninsula Jct. Oregon

As #4449 and #844 were to meet at Peninsula Junction at 10:00 AM, I arrived at about 9:00 AM to wait for them. I expected #4449 to come from the south, through the tunnel, and for #844 to arrive from the east, and that the two would couple together in the north half of the junction, so I parked at the west end of the junction, where I thought I would have good access to my car, and stationed myself in the junction's northeast quadrant where I would have good access to both directions, as I didn't know which locomotive would arrive first. A few other railfans soon joined me, while still more gathered near the road, where they had a good view of the tunnel. While we waited, some freight trains came through.

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