Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4449-844 Doubleheader: Dome Lounge #9005 “Walter Dean”

IMG_6332 Union Pacific Dome Lounge #9005 Walter Dean at Peninsula Jct on May 12, 2007

Dome Lounge #9005, Walter Dean, was built by American Car & Foundry in 1955. In June 1972, the car was sold to AutoTrain for use between Virginia and Florida and was assigned AutoTrain #905, but the car was never refurbished for AutoTrain service and remained in storage until AutoTrain shut down in April 1981. In December 1981 it was sold to Al Nippert for use in Great American Tours service as #800621. The car was sold back to Union Pacific in March 1988 and regained its old number. It was named Harriman in 1989 after Edward H. Harriman & his two sons Averell and Roland, who served as successive chairmen of Union Pacific's board of directors: Edward from 1898-1909, Averell from 1932-1941, and Roland from 1941-1953. Roland remained a member of the board until his death in 1978. The car was renamed Walter Dean in 1990 in honor of a car attendant who served on Union Pacific's Business Car fleet since 1971. The Walter Dean was the only Union Pacific passenger car named after a living employee until Walter Dean passed away in 1999. He worked as a car attendant until his death.

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