Friday, May 2, 2014

Farewell is not Forever - Part 5: PRPX #9477

IMG_2117 PRPX #9477

The first car in the train is #700's crew car, PRPX #9477. This car was originally built by the Pullman-Standard Car Company in 1948 as a 22 Section Sleeping Car for the New York Central Railroad. It was originally named Great Peconic Bay, and carried the number 10442.

IMG_2141 PRPX #9477

The car was sold to the Canadian National Railway in 1958, becoming CN #2063 and was renamed Valjean. in 1973, it was rebuilt into its current configuration as a baggage-dormitory car (a sleeping car for crewmembers) and renumbered to 9477. It still wears the colors of VIA (the Canadian equivalent of Amtrak) from when it was retired in 1990.

IMG_2118 PRPX #9477

This car appeared in the 1991 television episode Blind Faith of the Sixth Season of MacGyver and is featured in a scene where MacGyver (played by Richard Dean Anderson) must retrieve a video tape hidden in the car by an accomplice while avoiding two thugs. Scenes of the car in the episode are shown below.

IMG_2703 MacGyver on car #9477

IMG_2699 MacGyver on car #9477

IMG_2700 MacGyver on car #9477

IMG_2701 MacGyver on car #9477

IMG_2702 MacGyver on car #9477

IMG_2697 MacGyver on car #9477

IMG_2698 MacGyver on car #9477

After being sold by VIA, the car was stored by an individual in Mineral, Washington until 2003, when the PRPA purchased it for use as a crew car. All but two of the roomettes have been removed by the PRPA.

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