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LK&R Layout in Summer 1997

I originally posted these pictures of the old LK&R layout on my old website on February 9, 2008. I have rescanned them.

I took these pictures of the Longview, Kelso & Rainier Model Railroad Club’s old HO-scale layout during the summer of 1997, when the layout was expanded with two new sections and the yard was rebuilt. The clubhouse was also expanded.

01 LK&R Layout in the Summer of 1997

This first picture was taken on the day the clubhouse addition was framed. It shows the right side of the yard, which had been re-laid to reduce the radius of the curves. The one freight car on the layout is a boxcar produced by Model Die Casting, aka Roundhouse Products, for the NMRA national convention in Portland in 1994 that was given to the club at the convention. On the far left is a factory with a Roundhouse Products sign, which was placed as an acknowledgement of the gift. Also visible in this picture is the beginning of the scrapyard near the grain elevator.

02 LK&R Layout in the Summer of 1997

This picture was taken after the addition was sided and the original wall was removed, but before the layout was rotated 90 degrees and the two new sections added.  Two posts were still necessary for support, but the expanded layout would fit around them. The old powerboard is visible inside the layout in the lower left corner of the picture; it would soon be replaced. Also visible are the new yard lead at this end of the yard, though that change had been made some time before this picture was taken. I think this picture was taken on a regular club meeting night. My blue toolbox is sitting on the layout.

03 LK&R Layout in the Summer of 1997

This picture, taken at a regular club meeting later in the summer, shows the expanded layout with the new town section, which would feature an industrial park with several industries to spot cars at. John Plant, on whose property the clubhouse sat, is in the background.

04 LK&R Layout in the Summer of 1997

This picture shows the expanded layout with the new yard section. This new section greatly increased the car capacity of the yard. Sitting on the new yard section is a new control panel for the yard, still under construction. Kerry King, Cliff West, and John Plant are discussing plans.

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