Wednesday, December 31, 2014

WC Chicago Sub in Fall 2001: Ackerville to Colgate, WI

These pictures were originally posted on the website of the Society of Model Engineers model railroad club at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The website is no longer online, so I am posting them here.

…Continued from Cedar Lake & Slinger, WI.

The new layout for the Society of Model Engineers at the Milwaukee School of Engineering was to be based on the Wisconsin Central’s Chicago Subdivision between Burlington and Cedar Lake, Wisconsin, with staging yards representing Chicago, Illinois and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. In November 2001, fellow SOME member Stuart Baker and I explored the route, taking pictures with a digital camera of interesting things along the line to model.

Here are the pictures from Ackerville to Colgate, Wisconsin, taken on November 19, 2001.

023 Ackerville - Crossing looking North
Ackerville – Crossing looking North

024 Ackerville - Crossing looking South
Ackerville – Crossing looking South

025 Ackerville - Crossover
Ackerville – Crossover

026 Ackerville - Looking East
Ackerville – Looking East

027 Ackerville - Looking West
Ackerville – Looking West

028 Ackerville - Looking North
Ackerville – Looking North

029 Rugby - Caboose
Rugby – Wisconsin Central Caboose #10523

030 Rugby - Caboose Again
Rugby – Wisconsin Central Caboose #10523 Again

031 Rugby - Quarry
Rugby - Quarry

032 Rugby - Quarry Office
Rugby – Quarry Office

033 Bridge between Rugby and Hubertus
Bridge between Rugby and Hubertus

034 Hubertus - Bridge
Hubertus – Bridge

035 Hubertus - Garage
Hubertus – Garage

042 Colgate - North Siding
Colgate – North Siding

043 Colgate - South Siding
Colgate – South Siding

Continue to Sussex to Duplainville, WI

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