Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TrainTime 1969

These pictures are from the archives of the Society of Model Engineers model railroad club at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. I scanned these pictures in November 2003 so they could be posted on the club’s website. The website is no longer online, so I am posting them here.

These pictures were taken during TrainTime 1969 at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, hosted by the Society of Model Engineers model railroad club. These first pictures show the E-Building, the former Welsh Presbyterian Church used by MSOE as an auditorium. The Society of Model Engineers layout was in the basement. TrainTime 1969 was held in the E-Building, and in a building across State Street. None of these buildings stand today.

Building 01

Building 02

Building 03

Building 04

Building 05

Building 06

Building 07

Building 08

TrainTime 1969 1

TrainTime 1969 2

The following pictures of the Society of Model Engineers HO-scale layout were taken around the time of TrainTime 1969 and the color prints are the same size as those of the TrainTime 1969 pictures. I am not certain that they were taken during TrainTime 1969, but it seems likely.

E-Building Layout 15

E-Building Layout 16

E-Building Layout 17

E-Building Layout 18

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