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MSOE Society of Model Engineers C-Building Layout

These pictures are from the archives of the Society of Model Engineers model railroad club at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. I scanned these pictures in November 2003 so they could be posted on the club’s website. The website is no longer online, so I am posting them here.

By the 1980s, the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s E-Building, which housed the Society of Model Engineers HO-scale layout, was getting old and the school decided the building would be demolished. With the closing of the E-Building in 1985, the club found a new home in an old swimming pool in the basement of the C-Building, but the old layout could not be moved and was dismantled.

A level floor was built in the empty pool in the C-Building, beneath which would be storage at the shallow end and a makeshift meeting room in the deep end. On top of the floor would be the club’s new HO-scale layout. There were several false starts before the layout generally associated with the C-Building was started.

This first group of pictures shows the C-Building, which once housed MSOE classrooms and administrative offices, as well as the Society of Model Engineers, until 1991. By the time these pictures were taken, the building had been closed. It has since been demolished.

C-Building 1

C-Building 2

C-Building 3

1986 Club Members

This picture shows the members of the Society of Model Engineers in 1986, with the C-Building layout in its early stages. The train in the picture is pulled by an SD40-2 in a two-tone blue-and-white Overland Western Lines paint scheme.

C-Building Layout 01

This picture shows an F7A in another Overland Western Lines paint scheme.

The rest of these pictures show the C-Building layout in various stages of completion. I have no idea if they are in the correct order.

C-Building Layout 02

C-Building Layout 03

C-Building Layout 04

C-Building Layout 05

C-Building Layout 06

C-Building Layout 07

C-Building Layout 08

C-Building Layout 09

C-Building Layout 10

C-Building Layout 11

C-Building Layout 12

C-Building Layout 13

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