Sunday, December 28, 2014

MSOE Society of Model Engineers: July 1999

I posted model train pictures on my old website on February 9, 2008. I never posted these pictures on my old website, but am including them now for completion.

In July 1999, I visited the Milwaukee School of Engineering to attend a summer program. The school’s model railroad club, the Society of Model Engineers, had just started over on a new layout, but there was some HO-scale equipment lettered for the club’s fictional Overland Western Lines in the display window.

01 MSOE Society of Model Engineers Display in July 1999

Here are Overland Western Lines SD40-2s #3102 and #3109 in the new gray and red paint scheme with wide-vision caboose C-110 in an older two-tone blue and white paint scheme.

02 MSOE Society of Model Engineers Display in July 1999

In this picture, a blue and white Overland Western Lines FP45 with an 86-foot auto parts boxcar lettered for TrainTime ‘89 is on the top level. A gray and yellow Overland Western Lines SW1500 is on the middle level with a pair of Milwaukee Road Airslide covered hoppers and a Milwaukee Road caboose. On the lower level are Overland Western Lines GP38-2s #2054 and #2059 in the gray and red paint scheme with another Milwaukee Road Airslide covered hopper.

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