Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Layout in January 1998

I posted pictures of my layout on my old website beginning when I started it in November 2002. I never posted these pictures on my old website, but am including them now for completion.

These pictures of my layout were taken in January 1998, in order to use up a roll of film so I could start a new roll for the upcoming model train show at the Lewis County Mall in Chehalis, Washington.

01 My Layout in January 1998

Here is a picture of my modern Union Pacific locomotives, led by U23B #547, pulling a freight train. The bay-window caboose at the end of the train can also be seen. The flash kind of ruined this picture, but without it the picture would be too dark.

02 My Layout in January 1998

Here is another view of the same train in the town of San Miguel. The train is farther away from the flash, so the picture is a little better than the last one.

03 My Layout in January 1998

My Union Pacific E8s pull their streamlined passenger train through the town of Logan. This is actually a pretty good picture.

04 My Layout in January 1998

Here is a picture of GP7 #119. I assume it is pulling the local passenger train. This is at the same location on the layout as the first picture, but looking the other direction. This picture suffers not only from the flash, but from poor framing because the viewfinder of the camera didn’t go through the lens.

05 My Layout in January 1998

Here is another picture of the E8s, pulling their streamliner across the San Miguel River. This picture came out pretty well.

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